Did you know you can order a custom written dissertation and don’t bother working on such tedious, challenging assignment yourself? Yes, this is a marvelous instrument designed to help graduates of all levels, including Master’s and Doctoral to ace their thesis preparation and defense. However, there’re students who are unable to take advantage from custom dissertations due to ethical and financial reasons. For such students, Dissertify.com prepared something special and rather beneficial.

Dissertation proofreading services aim to help our customers turn in professionally edited manuscripts. Everyone knows that writing a thesis is one thing, and actually making sure it has no mistakes, errors and typos is completely different. In the world of top-class writing, there’re people who write a copy and people who proofread it. Today, you can easily forward an accomplished manuscript for expert proofreading.

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  • Ensure the text lives up to the prompt
  • Fix all errors, grammar mistakes, typos
  • Suggest content revisions where writing could use some improvements
  • Provide a detailed report on content amendments made
  • Guarantee the proofread manuscript now stands flawless

Dissertation editing is a 100% legitimate service.You don’t need to hide the fact your paper was professionally proofread and fixed. It doesn’t contradict with any moral or academic aspect of the educational process. Copy prep is a rightful edge you can benefit from after preparing the first dissertation draft. And it’s also more affordable than getting a new fully custom paper.

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Can’t edit my dissertation, please help

Graduates are busy people. Professional career is about to begin, university life is about to come to an end. There’re so many things to do and so many chores to take care of. In addition, besides a thesis there’re also other written assignments that have to be done, too. Didn’t you know senior students still write compositions during selected courses alongside working on a dissertation at the same time? For many it’s a too heavy workload preventing from accomplishing homework well. The solution? Either let a service do your paper from scratch or send an already fulfilled one for proofreading, which gives extra time to take care of ongoing workload

  • It’s effective
  • It saves time
  • It pays off with better results

And it’s also safe. Thesis writing and dissertation editing services are completely confidential, while proofreading a previously finished text is also fully safe in terms of ethics and reputation. There’re lots of instruments helping you put through a better manuscript – from time-management applications for your smartphone to MLA/APA/Chicago in-text citation reference generators. Proofreading services are also in this list. Speaking about original writing, it’s a bit nimble whereas content editing of a previously fulfilled text is totally approved by educational authorities.

Still hesitating? No need to. Dissertify.com is the best service to let edit your paper, plus we offer supremely reasonable rates, much cheaper than if you chose to order a new thesis finalized from square one. Two heads are better than one, a second pair of eyes will do plenty of good, noticing previously missed errors or typos in the text. Acceptance committee will be scrutinizing your paper very attentively, and if they spot a thing – you’ll have to go through a round of revision making, and then another one until everything’s alright. Would you like to submit a dissertation as is with no revisions requested? Then professional copy editing is your way to go.

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How much time proofreading a dissertation takes?

Average student will spend weeks polishing written content A to Z. At Dissertify.com we offer a much faster option with dissertation proofreading taking no more than a week. Depending on paper difficulty and level, editing can be done even faster! It’s a stunning opportunity for you to take a breather, while a professional academic editor will blue-pencil your text. It’s a well-known fact that even the most brilliant research will score less points if grammar, style, syntax, formatting isn’t up to the mark. Upon that, speaking of theses and dissertations, every aspect of a paper has to be up to the mark.

Editing papers is done in a couple of stages. First, a manuscript is being proofread for various mistakes in grammar and punctuation. Then, a specialist checks on editorial style and overall formatting. Finally, a final round of professional dissertation editing takes place. We guarantee that after our quality assurance specialists finishes revising the paper, you could submit it in an instant. You’ve covered a long path writing a thesis, now let us ensure your efforts weren’t spent in vain. Having gone that far, successful defense is within arm’s reach. So, secure the best odds by getting you manuscript edited right now.